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Name: Gustavo

Last Name: Moro Martins de Sa

​Education: FAAP and VFS

Birth Place: Sao Bernardo do Campo

Resume available below

My journey in games started back in the very early 90s, with a console called Dynavision, which was just a South American version of the Atari. First venture into modding games came during the Quake 3 years, creating custom levels for the game. Years later, I made the switch to modelling, and started modelling cars for GTA 3 and Vice City, releasing many of them to the public. After graduating from Product Design at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, I was faced with the choice of going to the northern lands of Sweden to pursue Car Design, or to venture out into the rainy town of Vancouver to learn Game Design. Opting to follow my main passion, I've graduated from Game Design at Vancouver Film School in December 2012, following a spell at EA in 2013, where I worked at games such as FIFA 14, FIFA Manager 14 and NHL. I believe that the skills that I have acquired as a product designer will help me immensely in the process of creating a game. The results of my journey so far can be seen in the other sections of my website. In the end, it's all semiotic.

Games and Design

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